Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here we go again

I'm trying this out again. I'm sure all my loyal readers (catch the sarcasm) will appreciate my attempt to keep a current blog again. I'm dedicating this post to one of my most loyal, always there for me, going to miss her like crazy friends. You know who you are. The title of my beloved blog, "Turning Points" is yet again a very appropriate one (for my friend that is).

So Mary, this is for you! I know there are a lot of changes on the forefront for you but I know that you are in for a great new phase of your and Matt's life. Hopefully I'll be able to keep you up to date and even provide a little entertainment and wit.

My problem with blogging consistently is this. When I am in the mood to write, it is never a convenient time. I will be driving to work and I have all these awe inspiring thoughts that I want to write about RIGHT NOW. So the other day when I got to work I wrote all my super sweet ideas down for future reference. Too bad my blog is BLOCKED at work.

I'll get to all those super sweet ideas later and take it one at at time. For right now I want to write about how fast time goes by! My time may be limited because my son has been taking a killer nap and I'm just biding my time. It is amazing how fast the last year has gone by. This time last year we had recently found out I was pregnant and now we have a very active and social four month old. Sometimes I think back to this time last year and I start to feel
physically sick because of the all day nausea I had! And other times I think about the miracle that pregnancy was and almost want to do it all over again. Key word almost! We look at pictures from when he was just born and to now. For example:

I am no expert on posting pictures where I want them to be. They go straight to the top! If you know how to insert a pic in text let me know. Anyways, look at that remarkable change in 4 months! He has gained 7 pounds and grown 6 inches so far! He is freakishly long. I have a friend that has an 8 month old who is the same length as him but weighs almost 20 pounds. Reese is only 14! I guess he will be long and skinny like his daddy- and Mommy used to be!

That brings up another interesting topic. Post baby body image. It's very interesting- I used to care a lot about how my body looked at it had to be perfect. I'm not saying the moment Reese popped out I stopped caring (espically when I came home and still looked roughly six months preggo) but it just doesn't matter as much. Granted, I have lost about 40 postpartum pounds (through no dieting or exercise efforts of my own). I highly recommend that any new mom breastfeed if you she wants to lose the weight and not diet. Not to mention the super benefits to your little one. However, that won't quite get rid of that lingering baby belly. I told myself ( and one witness) that I would start working out when Reese started sleeping through the night. Well, Reese must of heard me too because last night the little booger did it. Should I wait until he does it a few nights in a row? How long can I hold off? I should just do it. I have a boxful of pre baby clothes that are one size away. 5 or 10 pounds and a little toning would double my wardrobe.

I just need a little motivation. And more hours in the day. Maybe I should post this on my fridge. It's one of my favorite pictures from Nationals my senior year. The last big hurrah and the day I was supposed to finally make All American. I missed it by about 5 seconds and even worse our team missed top 4 by a few points. What a disappointing way to end out. I didn't get over it for months! I know it sounds stupid, but when I think about it I still get a little sad. Even mad, because I'll think about all the things I could have done in the race to make it better. I can't live in the past and I refuse to be one of those people who relives their "glory days"....I used to run sub six minutes miles in races.... Bottom line- I used to be fast and now I'm not. The end.