Friday, May 23, 2008


Boss said we could go home early today because of the Holiday weekend. Woo-hoo! So now I'm at home, catching up on some laundry before I go to the eye doctor. I love short work day Fridays. It makes the whole week seem shorter. Well I guess I should get to the subject of my title: "Ranting."

Wednesday I had to go to a training all day. There were only four of us plus the instructor. We took a lunch break and came back. I walked in and the only person in there already was the one male in the training. Middle aged, African American, lower socioeconomic status. He says to me:
"You married?"
Me: Yes
Him: How long you been married?
Me: About three years
Him: You know you're pretty, right?
Me: Okaaay (pretend to be fishing through bag)
Him: You got a boyfriend on the side?
Me: No.
Him: You happy?
Me: Yes. 
Him: You sure you don't got no little boyfriend on the side?
Me: NO. 
Him: You want one?
Me: NO!

Now I notice that my rebuttals were neither witty or rude, which they could have been. I always think of the right thing to say later. But what gives men the idea that it's OK to talk to women like this? I'm not saying this is the first time something like this has ever happened, but I was taken aback by his...lack of boundaries. I'm not trying to be egotistical, but body image and self esteem issues aside, I've been hit on enough to know I am considered a fairly attractive person by some people. However, I don't understand how being easy on the eyes allows men to think they have the privilege to make women feel uncomfortable by voicing their opinions. Use some common sense! If I even know who this man was I might make a sexual harassment claim. (Nothing would happen even if I did.) I am just sick of a society where men think they have the right to proposition married women who are OBVIOUSLY not interested- in the workplace! I am also sick of my husband telling me all the things that his students say about me when they think he is not listening or can't hear them. Talk about disrespectful. Who is teaching children that this behavior is acceptable? Probably men like the one who I encountered on Wednesday. All I know is that my son is going to know how to treat a lady and if I ever find out he disrespects a woman he will get a beat down (probably from his father). So please teach your sons, teach your brothers, teach your students how to really be a man!