Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You're the Baby!

Just a little ranting to get out of my system....

I know at the ripe age of 24 I am still quite young, however, I am starting to get a little tired of people who inquire my age and when I tell them I get some variation of...

"Oh, you're just a baby!"

"Well you look like you're in high school."

"You don't know anything yet."

Most commonly, I get the "baby" comment and it usually doesn't bother me. But, come on now, when do I get to be an adult. 25? 30? Is it by some task or accomplishment? I own my house, my car, have a college degree, have a full time job, am a mother, have been married for three years....what else do I have to do to earn other adult's respect?! If anyone has some input on this matter please let me know. It't not really a big deal but I feel like I've spent the last couple of years trying to prove myself as a professional but people still view me a "cute kid." Maybe I should be happy with my status. But I know something! But keep this in mind, if you have read this and call me a baby I just might if I'm not in the right mood.

Well, probably not, aggression just isn't really my style. But I might set you straight. Maybe.

Good news, good news. I have finally applied to grad school. Pending my acceptance I will start in August and go part time for two years, and recieve my Master of Social Work. Then I will make people start calling me "Master Jessica" or "Master Fisher." Doctors do it, so it seems natural that individuals with master's degrees can do the same. I can't wait. Maybe we will move then. Who knows?

So Reed and I went to our first concert last weekend. We saw the Gym Class Heroes, and while many of my friends thought this was uncool, I think they are awesome and they were fantastic in concert. They definitely have a style all their own and make it work. I fully recommend their music for your listening pleasure.

That's about all for now. I'll be happy if I can post about once a week, so stay tuned for entertainment purposes only.


Amber said...

Glad you're bringing the blog back. I promise to call you Master Jessica when you finish grad school. In fact why wait? Can I just start calling you that now?!

Eric said...

ok so I totally know what you mean by being called "baby." It seems that some people think I'm 30 by the way I act, then others think I cant do crap b/c I'm only 25! I've noticed I never get comments when I wear my nicest clothes, but if anyone thinks I'm going to get dressed up everyday to avoid being asked how old I am, they're crazy! I'll deal with the questioning b/c my sweatshirts dont mind the spit-up! -Danielle =)

David said...

Impressive, I was wondering who exactly in question is calling you a baby? Family members? Friends? Co-workers?