Thursday, August 6, 2009

More to Love??

Is there really "More to Love" about this new Fox reality dating show?

Apparently, the premise of this show comes from the relevance that the average size of a woman on reality T.V. is a size 2. Fair enough. But is it really necessary to create a show only featuring plus size ladies?? Could we not have a equal mix of thin, average, and plus size women?

Let me preface the rest of this post by acknowledging that I have never been large (excluding pregnancy.) I have always been the skinny kid, but I think that this no way affects my views of the broadcast of "More to Love."

What we have here in the end result, is an onslaught of women publicly displaying their self esteem issues tied to their weight. Almost every single one of them has cried openly on camera due to " a guy never loving me just for who I am" or having to wear a swimsuit in the group date. I understand weight issues are extremely common - in ALL women. But I dare to say it is downright ridiculous and even somewhat immoral to think the solution to the problem is having them fight over one man on public television. What these women seem is need to intensive therapy rather than the rejection of one more man (for all but one of them.)

Any kind of show like this, from the Bachelorette to whatever other reality slime is consuming society's decomposing mind, is filthy. Whoever came up with the idea is brilliant, but not commendable. Several women (or men) baring their claws and fangs over the prize of a man or woman every single one of the contestants automatically falls in love with. How do they do that? It's more like a brothel than a game show about falling in love. What will they think of next?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Second Time Around

I know it's been since January since I've posted on my blog, but my good friend Sarah has motivated me to begin once again. We can only hope it will last.

I suppose I should begin with my latest news. Around May Reed and I developed a case of baby fever, which consequently resulted in a full blown case of pregnancy in June. This was fine by us, and we are of course excited! This will be the last little one for us and we are anxious to complete our little family. I'm 10 weeks in, only 30 weeks to go. Good Lord.

I find major differences between this pregnancy and my first. One, I am much more nauseous this time. With Reese, I had little bouts of queasiness here and there. Now I go on a downhill slope from 11am on.

Two, the idea of stretchy waistlines and flowing shirts makes me even more nauseous. Last time, I was buying maternity clothes before I started showing at all. I wore them with pride. Friends and co-workers surely made fun of me in secret. This time I am pretty sure my boss will have to tell me it's not appropriate for my shirt to creep above my expanding girth.

Three, I feel more detached from this pregnancy. With Reese, I thought about my developing fetus day and night. I worried nonstop. What if I have a miscarriage? What if he has a cogenital defect? What if I go into labor too early? The list was endless. This time, my only thought is...

Is it a girl?

I think about names and bedding and how Reese will handle being a big brother. Not that I don't have my worries, but not about the baby persay. How will I handle having two kids? Are we nuts? I'm going back to school to get my master's this fall. The question is not IF it will take away from my time as a mother, but how much? I know I am doing this to make a better life and future for my family, but the consequences of my decisions haunt me nonetheless.

To take the pressure off all these changes, Reed and I have decided to take our first trip that has nothing to do with visiting family or driving for hours with a restless toddler (since our honeymoon). Labor day weekend, we will indulge in a 4 day cruise to Cozumel while my parents so graciously come to take care of our spawn. 30 days until paradise....