Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Battle of the Sexes

You live and you learn. It's so interesting to hear opposing viewpoints from the opposite sex.

You see, I was thinking about cutting my hair shorter. Not short short or anything, but chopping off some inches. My good friend Sarah thinks it's a great idea and has been helping me find those celebrity hairstyles online that emualte people I will never look like. Nonetheless, she has been supportive and helpful.
I ask my husband what he thinks; after all he's the one who has to look at me every day and not regret being married to me. He tells me the lines I told him to feed me last time I cut my hair and vowed to grow it out once again:
1. I'll divorce you.
2. Your face will look fat.
3. You'll regret it again.

I laugh at these comments and proud he at least followed through with it. But I wonder, does he really care? I mean, it's just hair. I run this by a male coworker and to get a laugh out of telling him my husband said my face will look fat. I start with, "So I was thinking about cutting my hair shorter and..." when I was cut off.

This is what I learn. "The truth is, all men like longer hair. But women want to have shorter hair, because it's easier. So women cut their hair, and tell their friends to do the same, so they don't feel bad about cutting their own."

I ask, "So is this why Sarah is saying I should go ahead and do it?"


I'm not even sure how he came up with this theory of women manipulating other women but I can't help but wonder if there is any truth to it. If women really wanted to have long hair, wouldn't it be easier to just do it rather than try to bring their comrades down with them? And why do men think long locks are so much better? Does this go back to primitive times when women were forbidden to have short hairstyles? It is it somehow a genetic component, just like studies say men are drawn to women with curves because it suggests fertility? Does long hair signal feminity and short hair is...masculine? There may be something to this:

"However, this preference for long hair goes beyond social or cultural expectations for women's beauty. Research has demonstrated that there is an evolutionary reason for men to prefer long hair to short hair on women. According to evolutionary theory, features considered attractive by the opposite sex serve as indicators of reproductive fitness.Experiments and observations have demonstrated that a woman's hair plays a major role in how men rate a woman'sattractiveness. The quality and length of hair serves as amarker of genetic strength and overall health. Several studies have demonstrated that men find women with medium-length to long hair more attractive than shorter haired counterparts. Men also rate longer haired women as healthier and fitter than shorter haired women." (

What about celebs like Jenny McCarthy and Victoria Beckham. Maybe some women are so genetically perfect they have to have short hair just to take it down a notch!

Which is better?