Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Babymoon

How is it that we take vacations to get away from our kids, and once we get there, we can't stop thinking about them? Don't get me wrong, we had a great time on the cruise. Laying in the sun, the pool, the crystal blue Cozumel waters, the food, the 12 hours of sleep per day....it was great respite.

But I missed my little boy.

I 've never been away from him for five days! I think the most has been two nights. I couldn't call to check up on him or just hear his cute little voice say "Mommy?" So many things reminded me of him. "Reese would love that." I'd see little kids and think of him. I'd hear music and picture him dancing. (Those of you who know my son know why.) I honestly didn't think I'd miss him so much. I even worried he wouldn't be excited when we got home. My worst nightmare was that he didn't care.

As much fun as the cruise was, nothing really compared to Reese's reaction when I walked through the door when we got home. He saw me, ran over and did a crazy dance and screamed. I got tons of hugs and kisses and he couldn't stop smiling. Either could I. Repeat 3o seconds later when Reed walked in. It's good to feel loved. My parents had a lot of good bonding time with him and are so happy that he calls them "Mimi" and "Papi." They are great grandparents.

The funny thing is, it seemed like he grew up a little bit in 5 short days. His voice seemed a little more clear and he stood just a little bit taller. Amazing how fast they grow. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

On another note, we did take our other "child" with us, who has finally ceased to nauseate me day and night! I have been suprised with how many people ask "When is your baby due?" I'm thinking, "Am I showing?" A quick glance in the mirror says I sure am. I can barely button my "fat jeans." Only 25 weeks to go! Next month we will find out if we will be buying pink dresses or digging out Reese's baby clothes out of the attic! Stay tuned!