Thursday, March 18, 2010

I just took a look at my last post 5 weeks ago. I must say, I am SO glad not to be pregnant anymore! Our baby Savannah is wonderful and she even lets us sleep at night. Her only issue is extreme gas, which I hope will not burden her in later years as this could become more of a social problem! She also has been diagnosed with acid reflux that caused her to projectile spit up after nearly every feeding, but this has been mostly resolved by a prescription of Zantac.

The postpartum period has been fairly uneventful as I sit around the house, work on homework and wonder what's going on at work. Sometimes we go for walks, and I have been surprisingly emotionally stable with the exception of a few hormone driven crying spells. One of these was very valid as I went to one of my grad school classes 6 days after giving birth, and multiple people asked when I was going to have the baby. Imagine both parties embarrassment as I explain I already had her! I admit I still looked pregnant, but not AS pregnant as I did before! I am trying not to let my weight bother me, I had a baby a month ago today! The weight came off on it's own with Reese and I'm ready to start working out as soon as my dr gives me the ok. Does walking 2 miles today count?

I was very concerned that Savannah was not getting enough to eat, but after meeting with a lactation consultant and talking to my sister in law, and seeing that Savannah is gaining weight, it has been determined I have a copious milk supply and Savannah has adapted by learning to eat very fast! This may contribute to her tummy troubles. Shes like her mommy, always in a hurry!

Reese is also adapting well and is quite enamored by his "baby sissy" as he calls her. I think he really just wants to play with her and is not quite sure what she's good for. Although he does call her pretty and puts headbands on her (and on himself....which he deems hilarious). He likes to hold her for very short periods of time, then quickly tries to throw her off his lap and says, "I don't want it no more." It was hilarious last night when I came home from class and Reed had apparently been forcing Reese to complete a March Madness bracket. He ran to me, hugged my legs and said "I don't want to pick no more!" while Daddy continued to harass him about which color team he wanted. He was also named "Outstanding Student of the Week" this week at preschool and we are very proud of our little boy!

I find myself wondering what kind of personality Savannah will have (and what she will look far she's the eerie spitting image of Reese as an infant) when she is Reese's age. So far she has cooed a couple times and I swear she smiled at me (but again, it may have been the gas). She is so different from Reese as a newborn, she loves to cuddle and her favorite thing to do is lay on your chest. She's patient and only needs to eat every 3-4 hours. Even her cry is girly!

Next major task is getting Reese potty trained! I don't know about you, but I'd rather change a newborn's dirty diaper over a 2 year old's dirty diaper ANY day! Not to mention the expense of diapers x2.

Overall,I like having 2 kids. It's more of a challenge and my house is messier and there's always laundry to do. I've been blessed with a wonderful, beautiful family and I plan to enjoy my children as much as I can!