Saturday, July 23, 2011

I've been thinking this week and feel like I need to write about my previous post.

Looking back over it, it looked like I was putting down the church and that wasn't really my intention at all. I more meant to voice my frustrations about how it seems like some people in the church act like it's the only channel to access God, that its absolutely mandatory to {go to church} to have a relationship with Jesus, and that if you don't go every week then you are destined to weeping and gnashing of teeth. Because I don 't believe that.

I believe each person is responsible for discovering, carefully and deliberately, how to develop their relationship with their God. That's all. And I really feel that shows more through how you treat people and your own behavior more than your diligent attendance in the pew.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying I've perfected or even come close to these realizations!

I think the Church, in many, many ways, is great! It provides a wonderful atmosphere of fellowship, support and people searching for the same thing. Sure, it can often be a source of gossip and "status" but overall I think that Church is a very positive environment.

Just please don't think I've fallen off the wagon and am living in despair if you don't see me there. Don't ask what I've been doing with my Sunday mornings because a. it's not really any of your business and b. I'll probably just tell you one of my kids was sick (which may be true).

I also kind of put down Harding in my previous post. Which I regret because Harding provided me with a great education and some very positive experiences. However, I feel that the university shelters it's students (especially those who grew up sheltered) and does not prepare them for the "real world", and all the things they will face outside the curfews of Harding. I also felt like I was required to subscribe to a certain theology, and if I felt differently, then I should probably keep it to myself. I'm not sure if students were really allowed to discover themselves and what they believed, and isn't that what 18-22 year old's really need??

I'm very sorry if this offends anyone, again, not my intention. While I respect the church and it's leaders, I also have the right to write how I feel in a public forum. Same way anyone who reads this has the right not to. :)

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