Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OK, so I've been doing a lot of thinking today. I am currently watching that move Julia and Julie or whatever, and it gave me the urge to blog ( see movie for reference).

So I decided to cook. Reed has been working on zucchini/squash garden and we have been eating the fruits of his labor, mostly zucchini. So watching this movie, I dug into our plethora of zucchini and started cooking.

Butter, onions, garlic, zucchini, oregano, Italian spices, flour and whatever I felt like adding. Swiss cheese...

It was good to me but Reed said it was too salty. Maybe I got carried away...

Thoughts for the day:

I love cooking.
I drink more than recommended.
Organized religion is getting in the way of my spiritual path. I found a greater connection to God driving home while looking at the sunset and listening to Kris Allen than I have in a long time at a sermon. What about dressing up and trying to keep my 3 year old in line during the sermon gives me an instant pipeline to Jesus? Your guess is as good as mine?

I was driving home from class, belting out my favorite Kris Allen tune (made even better by an impromptu meeting with him at DFW) and thinking the sunset, followed by the rainbow I was privileged to witness was a more spiritual experience than I have had in months, maybe years. Maybe you (if you are reading this) think it's lame, but I don't care. Kris' music has always resonated with me, some kind of deep meaning to most of his songs really makes me think about life. That's what I should have told him at C17. Maybe I will get another chance! It was so cool to randomly meet my favorite (and I really mean FAVORITE) musician by pure chance, bored out of my mind with no wi-fi connection in Dallas.

Who says what is the right path to God? It can be church, friends, nature, yoga, "quiet time" or a million other things! No one has the trademark on access to the Creator? But somehow I feel like this is what I was taught at college.

Guess what Harding, I've grown UP. UP towards a true spirituality and relationship with my Higher Power and less towards the rules and regulations the Church requires. God doesn't care where you meet him. He is just happy to see you.

Yes, You.


J. Pingrey said...

I've thought very similiarly about religion for the past few years. I think it also has a lot to do with some of the ideologies of some organized churches that don't mesh with my own spirituality. I agree with you last lines completely :)

Jessica Fisher said...

Thanks Jayme. I say "Yes" to spirituality that comes from within, whatever it looks like for that person! Miss you!